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WN2500RP and Wireless Card Access Lists


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Question #57815-04-2012 13:18
We've got this setup;

Netgear WNDR3700 Router
Netgear WN2500RP Repeater

Is it possible to enable the Wireless Access Control List with this repeater? 
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15-04-2012 13:18
Short answer:

Yes, for every device you want to connect you need to add it's virtual MAC addresses to your Routers Wireless Access List. That, and the virtual MAC addresses (3) of your repeater as well. 
These addresses can be found by going to (or the repeaters IP adres), then Maintenance -> Attached Devices.

Long answer:

Still yes, but it's a fucking hassle..
Why? Well the WN2500RP uses a technology called Virtual MAC Addresses.
Let's say the MAC address of your wireless network card looks something like this;

00:0D:B6:7E:A1:72 or 2B:0D:B6:7E:A1:7

Now, what the WN2500RP does, is take the second of the first two MAC address octets and does a +2.
So the new "Virtual MAC Address" looks like this;

02:0D:B6:7E:A1:72 or 2D:0D:B6:7E:A1:72

If you plan on also using your router's (not the repeater) signal in places your repeater cannot reach, you need to add both the actual MAC address of your wireless card and the new Virtual MAC Address.

The same goes for your LAN card, if you want to use the switch functionality (the 4 ports on the back of the repeater) you need to add the virtual mac address of your LAN card to your Wireless Access list.
All and all you have four types of MAC adresses you need to add if your going to use your LAN AND WLAN cards;

- Your Wireless Network Card MAC Address (WLAN)
- The Virtual Wireless Network Card MAC Address
- You Local Area Network address MAC Address (LAN)
- The Virtual Local Network MAC Address 

But wait! There's more!
You need to add the repeaters three ip addresses to your access list as well.
These are displayed when configuring your repeater and can be found on the bottom of the repeater.

BUTTTT! These are not the MAC addresses you need to allow...... you need to add it's Virtual MAC Addresses. 
One of these can be seen under Maintenance -> Status -> Extender IP Info, for the others you just need to do the +2 trick.
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15-04-2012 14:35
Another tip if you are using Address Reservation as well;

For every MAC address you need to reserve 1 IP address. This includes the WN2500RP's virtual MAC addresses.
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