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Citrix / VMware View / Xerox - Potential Printing Problems Detected


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Question #57610-04-2012 11:11
We just installed a new Xerox printer within the VMWare golden image. But now every user get's the following error when trying to print a PDF file for the first time and after a restart of a session.


Even by ticking that checkbox it doesn't save this setting.

The exact same message but now in english;

Potential Printing Problems Detected

The default settings in Adobe Reader 9 may cause a color shift when printing PDF files. In addition some black and white PDF documents may be printeed using color and black inks and may be billed as color pages.
Before you continue printing, Xerox recommends that you change Reader 9 to allow the printer to manage colors.
To change the Reader 9 setting, close this dialog, click the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the Print window, and check the option "Let printer determine colors  
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10-04-2012 11:11
You need to add the following registry setting in the golden image / citrix;


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