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Windows Live Messenger - Error Code: 8e5e0158


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Question #21017-06-2010 07:17
When trying to sign into Windows Live Messenger i get the following error:

Error Code: 8e5e0158
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17-06-2010 07:20
1. Ensure that msnmsgr.exe and wlcomm.exe is completely shut down
a. Go to Task Manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete Key to bring up task manager option)
b. Go to Processes tab and look for msnmsgr.exe and wlcomm.exe program
c. If running, right click on the .exe files and select End process
d. Try to sign into Windows Live Messenger again

2. Change the Microsoft Windows Explorer settings:
a. Go to Start, Run, Type explorer and click ok.
b. On the Tools menu, click
· Folder Options in Windows XP
· Organize and Folder and Search options in Windows Vista or Windows 7
c. On the View tab, in the advanced settings list, select Show hidden files and folders under Hidden Files and Folders.
d. Clear the Hide extensions for known file types check box.
e. Click OK to close the Folder Options window.

3. Delete Windows Live Contacts Folder:
a. Based on the operating system version, browse to the following location
· Windows XP:
b. Go to Start, click on My Computer
c. Browse to the location,C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local d. Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

· Windows Vista and Windows 7:
Go to Start, click on Computer
Browse to the location, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft
b. Locate and delete the Windows Live Contacts folder.
c. Re-launch Windows Live Messenger and try to sign in again, and verify if the issue remains.
4. Try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger again.
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